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How to Say Good Afternoon in Spanish
Learning Spanish is manageable to most individuals mostly to those that are already speaking English French and Italian languages. These languages and Spanish have something in common, they all come from the same family group, this means that they sometimes have words that they all share or ar simply related, since they share the same root language. It is important to learn basics in Spanish just in case it is required in various settings. In case one is attending a business meeting where they’ll meet up Spanish clients or wants to give direction. Some individuals learn Spanish for the reason of travel to the Spanish speaking countries
There are many Spanish greetings available one can choose the ones that match the particular situation that they are in. There are many reasons why individuals learn the spanish language. There are individuals that choose to study the Spanish language because they hear it and find it very interesting. one is for basic purposes like greeting. For whatever reasons that the individuals choose to study this language it is important to begin by getting to know the basic common words that are used. Discussing on how one says good afternoon in Spanish is important in case you find yourself in the situation where you need to.
In the world today there are various times of the day and different ways to greet during all these times. In Spanish one can use the phrase Buenos dias to mean good morning which is used in the morning, they may also use the term Buenos niches for good night or good evening which is for the night time. When it comes f to the phrase that is commonly used when saying good afternoon or commonly used during the midday.
The Spanish people often say Buenos tardes to mean good afternoon during midday. It is commonly used in the early afternoon hours, the phrase Buenos tardes is used when people are saying good afternoon to each other. It is worth noting that there is no specific time when this phrase can be used, though the states where Spanish is spoken tend to say that they use the greeting when they are referring to the afternoon or the late evening hours. It is important to know they the Spanish-speaking countries do not give much attention to the evenings, so they often use the Buenos tardes greeting to refer to the afternoon and the night. When using the Spanish greetings for various times of the day it is important to note that the phases used are ever always in their plural form.
Looking at the Buenos tardes phrase closely in study you will get to learn that it translate to good lates when in its English form, this is to mean that this particular phrase is used a few hours after the noon time or midday. It is hard to give a specific time when the phrase is used but research gives an estimate of hours from 2 pm to around 9 pm. When one has travelled to the Spanish-speaking country they will hear this phrase and will be able to learn on the right time of day that they can use it, this way they know what appropriate time to say good afternoon or Buenos tardes to the individuals. One can use this particular phrase for greetings or when speaking to an audience, asking for time or directions or inquiring on a matter.

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